Saturday, March 30, 2013

Nice Surprises

I went and visited Joey for the first time in three or so weeks on Friday, and was pleasantly surprised that he seemed genuinely happy to see me!  I am used to a very "business" like relationship with my horses; for instance, Copper is really only close to affectionate when you have a treat in hand. 

Not that he is unhappy to see you, he's just very neutral, this-is-a-horse's-life-so-let's-get-on-with-it.  In fact, he really only ever gets enthusiastic out on the trail.  I think it might be an ex-racer trait, but that's rather by the by.

It was sweet to find that Joey is more friendly and affectionate ~ he actually seems to miss me!  I love that, it's new to me.  

Plus, I was really happy to see how well he's been going for the girl that has been riding him for me.  She's only been able to ride him once a week, and before I was trying to lunge him twice a week so that he'd be okay to ride for her. 

However, I haven't been able to get down there (darn babies that won't come out ...  *sigh*) to do that (hence the not seeing Joey in three weeks thing) so I was a little bit apprehensive as to whether or not he'd been behaving himself.  I need not have worried though - he was doing just fine!   His rider has been able to throw the saddle on and go, not even needing to lunge, which is great. 

It's a real improvement in his attitude as he used to have a tendency to be spooky and bratty when not worked more regularly.  He'd shy, and generally be stupid, but he was doing really well on Friday - even with all the distraction of other horses working in the arena around him.  (There's usually no one around when you ride at my adgistment because there aren't many horses that are worked regularly in these paddocks, and everyone who does ride is on a vastly different schedule.)

I am really happy, because of course I am glad I didn't sell him after all!  Thankfully, he's coping well with his current schedule, and on top of that, he's improving attitude-wise, so I really couldn't ask for more. 

It's great seeing him do so well, but of course I now reeealllllllyyyyyyyy want to go riding...   
40 weeks +2 days down.  Hurry up baby!  I want to get back on my horse! 

See ya,


Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Update on Copper & Life


~ * Hello Copper!  * ~

The great news is that my sister and dad decided to buy Copper and share him!  He’s happy, she’s happy, Dad’s happy – and I am soooo happy!!

That worked out better than I ever hoped it could….  Yay!  :) 

Other news?

~ * Not one of these babies, though he IS cute!  * ~

We’re still waiting for baby to make an appearance.  These last few weeks have been quite tough – I’ve been too tired to do much of anything other than look after the little man, so housework, horses and everything else has pretty much come to a grinding halt.

That’s ok though, I’ve got someone keeping an eye on Joey, and I hope that once baby comes I’ll be back into it in a few weeks.  It’s just about waiting at the moment.

See ya,


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