Sunday, April 14, 2013

Baby News

She finally made it!  

Isabelle Patricia Joy was born Thursday last week after a loooonnggggg 4 and a half days of prodromal labor.  So far I am tired, sleepy, tired and oh, so hungry{!}, but very, very happy.

Our little family is taking a while to adjust to the new baby, but Theodore is a super big brother.  I love how sweet he is whilst interacting with her ~ cuddling her, inspecting her hands and feet, patting her head if she's crying; they are so adorable together!

() ~ 

In the mean time, I am positively itching to ride again, but well, it's going to be a bit of time before that happens....  Still, I'll be up on Joey's back as soon a physically possible!  Can't wait!!

See ya,


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