Friday, October 19, 2012

And then there were two...

This is just a quick note to say - I've got Copper back!

Nope, it was not planned, and yes, it really is inconvenient at this point in time.  *sigh* I still have to sell Joey, but can't at the moment as he came up lame in the paddock the other week as is taking a while to heal. Now I have two horses to deal with and I'm not sure what to do!

I do plan to ride Copper as long as I can, but after that I guess I'll have to see.  I was going to sell him to the person that was leasing him - I thought that they were a good match, but that's not happening now, so I have to decide whether to sell or keep Copper.

Part of this decision making involves certain things that have happened at the riding school which I am not very pleased about - I won't go into details, but I do feel like they've been a bit rude and just kind of manhandled me a bit.  Sort of in a "Do as I say and don't cause any trouble or else... And by the way, we are awesome for doing this, so you'd better be grateful!"

Um...  Hello?  I'm supposed to be training as an instructor - that doesn't make me a 14 year old junior that is so happy to have anything to do with horses that they'd put up with any kind of treatment to do what they love.  I'm an adult, and I'd really prefer it if you'd treat me that way.  I work hard for you, and one day I'll be an valuable employee...  But only if you LET me get that far.  Pfft.  Not happy Jan.

'Neways, that was a bit of a sidetrack, but it is related.  I'm not going to be getting as much riding there as I thought I was, so now I am even more stuck as what to do with Copper.  Unlike Joey, does not do well with a patchy riding schedule, Copper is quite level headed and easy going, plus he doesn't break easily {for a horse!} and he is a good doer.  Standies are great like that.  Which means if I was going to keep a horse during this rather hectic and crazy time of life, Copper would probably be it.

Yeah.  This isn't going to be an easy decision.  Especially as the Hubby has gotten rather used to the idea of having the extra money and time available that is currently getting sucked up by the ponies and is quite fond of being a-for-the-time-being horse-free family.  He'd support me either way, but I know he's keen for me to sell them both.

Stuck again.  Ohwell, I guess I'll just cross that bridge when I come to it I suppose.  In the meantime, I can enjoy my pony again!  Yay!

See ya,

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