Monday, August 26, 2013

Back in the saddle

So even though I’ve had a lot of interest in both the boys, plus a whole bunch of people that have come out to view and test ride, I have yet to sell either Joey or Copper.  Which may or may not be a bad thing – I don’t know!

The market is exceedingly sluggish at the moment as we are expecting a national election in September and no one want to take on any big expenses (horses included) until we see how that shakes down.

That means I have plenty of time to catch up on my riding apparently…  Well, sort of!  Time is in short supply these days (funny that!) but horses I have aplenty!

l knew I’d have to get back on Joey after he bucked me off – mostly for my confidence more than anything else.  I was going to take it slow, and ride Copper for a bit before hopping on Joey, but as it turns out that didn’t happen.

I have been back to see the doctor about my elbow three weeks ago, and they were really happy with the progress that was being made.  I don’t need surgery, or anything like that (yay!), but it’s still going to be 3-6 months more before my elbow is completely healed. 

That means NO FALLING on it!  Otherwise, it’s very likely to break again.  Not fun!

So that was why I was going to take it easy.  However, I had someone call up to look at Joey, and my demo rider wasn’t free, so guess who ended up riding Joey?  (>.>)

Really it was a toss up between the easier going, but less predictable ride (Joey) and the fresher, stronger, but more predictable ride (Copper).  And I ended up riding both of them.

Since then I have ridden Joey again – yesterday in fact – and he wasn’t as well behaved as the first time.  He was bucking, and trying to blow out through the outside rein at a canter, (which did nothing for my peace of mind, I can tell you!) but I was prepared for that, so never really gave him the chance to take it any further.  We did end on a good note; a forward  trot and then a short walk down the outside of the arena to finish off.

bucking horse

It wasn’t a long ride, but in the end I think he knew that he wasn’t going to get away with intimidating me into giving up, and that’s really important. 

I was happy with that, and I am glad I have gotten back on him, but I am more sure about selling him now.  He is just mucking around and trying to pull it over me, and I just don’t want to be dealing with that sort of brattish behavior.

I don’t get to ride often enough to really work it out of him; I don’t have the time even though I so wish I did! *sigh* 

It’s one of those awful predicaments where you sort of just have to try something new and hope it works out for the best I suppose.

At least I can know that it is definitely going to better for him to have more saddle time!  That’s a comfort.

See ya,


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