Tuesday, July 17, 2012

A bit silly…

IMG_20120419_083521_thumb[1]     IMG_20120624_140039_thumb[1]

…And embarrassing to admit, but here’s the thing.  I sprained my left shoulder/bicep by reaching up to smack Joey for wiggling while I was cleaning out his hoof. 

Now I am in quite a bit of pain and can’t do anything much at all.  When I did it, it hurt so badly that I thought I dislocated my shoulder, but the doctor doesn’t think that I did.  I am not so sure…. 

Either way, it’s annoying. Can’t ride, can’t move properly, can’t pick up anything or even button up my pants!  I am in a bit of a pickle, aren’t I? 

I can’t even say it was because of a massive fall!   Oh well, I suppose I would much rather hurt myself in such an innocuous manner than by eating dirt, so we’ll leave it at that.  : ) 

See ya,


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