Sunday, February 19, 2012

My Goals for Sparrow

I thought I’d write this down so that I had it clearly in my head.  This way I can track my progress with my real goals and not get side-tracked with perceived goals in competitions and the like.

  • To ride him bareback on a trail ride/over jumps/where ever
  • To have a ‘broke’ horse that trusts me, no matter how scared he is
  • To have him soft and forward going – engaged in the work
  • To enjoy our riding together!

Yes, I want to train and compete in dressage to the highest level we can make it to – but I want that as an aside; something that happens on the way.  It’s not the sole purpose, or even the focus of our riding together.

See ya.



  1. I just posted about goals! And here you did too. I'm contemplating what my 'goals' are with my horse. I think my goals would be identical to yours...maybe minus the bareback part. Too chicken to try bareback at least this year!

  2. I don't think I'll be riding bareback this year either!!! It's a work in progress.. : P


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