Thursday, February 23, 2012

Changing names…

So Sparrow doesn’t seem to be sticking as a name for the pony.  I have had comments about how he looks like anything but a Sparrow, and to be perfectly honest, at this stage I’m not really surprised.

I did mention that the boy has been filling out right?  Well, everything has gotten bigger.  I had to do up his noseband a hole looser – his head has even grown!!

So I’m thinking of going back to plain old Joey.  Or do you think there is another name that suits him?  It has to sound similar to Joey or Sparrow – he already knows those names. 

…Or does that mean it has to be Joey again?  Do you think it’s fair to change a horse’s name once they know it?  I tend to think it’s a learned response, so the horse probably doesn’t care altogether that much.   In fact, Sp-er, Nameless One probably thinks that he’s really called “Steady Boy”!  

See ya,



  1. Our adopted cat was named Asia when we got her which was a perfectly pretty name but we have never called her that. It just didn't suit her. And when my sister changed barns the owner of the new barn took to calling her 12 year old horse Elvis and it stuck. Everyone calls him Elvis now. He doesn't seem to mind. Names are so personal. I think it's one of those things where you'll know the right one when it happens. That said, Joey is a cute name.

  2. Asia is a totally cute name! :D I kind of like Joey, and it does sorta suit him. I probably will just end up using that. It's easier in the long run! :)


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