Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Slow rehab waiting

It’s one of those days when you realise it’s been well over a month since the last blog update!

*sigh* I’m still waiting on Copper to be fully sound again. ‘Coz if bad luck comes in threes – than we’ve had it!

End of January: Copper comes in lame with a puffy tendon on his off fore.

Beginning of February:  Copper has been kicked above his knee resulting in puffiness and swelling on – you guessed it – his off fore. Same leg, two injuries. D’oh!

End of March: Copper is almost sound in his leg, but wrenches his back/croup running around in slippery mud and is extremely sore.

So here we are, well into April and I can’t believe it – my horse has been off work and lame for over two months! (O_o)

I have to say this is fairly unexpected, usually it doesn’t take so long for him to be sound again, but oh well. I’ve been feeding him, grooming, poulticing and the like, and I think he’s enjoyed the extra attention? I don’t really know – he’s not so much of a horse that you fuss over.

He’d rather be in the paddock eating grass with his pony pals rather than getting fussed over. Which I guess is fair enough. ; )

Hopefully we will soon see an end to this rather extended break, I’m itching to get back into the saddle for some real riding!

See ya,


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