Tuesday, January 1, 2013

2013 means what?

I would love to say that I have a great list of goals and resolutions for the new year regarding my horsey boys, but there isn't really much to resolve until I know what to do!

I am hoping to sell Copper before the end of January - February at the latest; but from there...  *shrug*

Who knows?

I have someone currently helping me out with Joey and Copper, and I have my fingers crossed that she'll fall in love with Joey and want to half lease him with me!  There's not the greatest chance of that happening, but the fact of the matter is that if that doesn't happen, I guess I'll be selling him too.  : (

Leasing a horse is difficult at the best of times, I learnt that lesson with Copper, and I don't think I'll do that ever again.  It's better just to sell them and move on, then to get your horse back and feel like they've gone completely backwards with their education!  It's way too discouraging.  Which is why I am hoping for a half-lease.

The thing is - have you ever considered how hard it is to find a rider that is not only at the same level so that they can work with you - not against you, but also has a similar training/riding approach so that you are not confusing your horse?    And not only that - one that lives in the same area as you so that they are ok with the traveling distance to the adgistment yards??

*sigh*  I think the chances are one in a million, and I'm just not sure it's going to happen.   So it's a gloomy start to 2013, but you never can quite tell what the year will bring, so I'll keep my hopes up anyway!

See ya,


  1. I admit I tried the leasing thing once and had disastrous results. The lady was just too..."ignorant" is really the best word...to be safe. Of course she didn't present herself that way. But when she endangered herself, her kids, and my horse, it had to end. It's tough, though, because it can be a good way to keep your horse, and pay the bills, and get them worked when time is at a premium. Hope you can find something that works! I'll send positive thoughts your way.

  2. Oh, that doesn't sound good Story! Thankfully Copper was never really in danger, he just needed a chiro and some work. It is a shame that it's hard to find a good leaser - I really did think it was a good way to hang onto my horse until I wanted to use him again!


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