Tuesday, June 26, 2012

He’s no angel…


But at least he’s not trying to kill me any more! 

I have been surprised and impressed with how well Joey’s been doing lately - perhaps it’s just that young horses take that much more time to really settle into a new place, or maybe that he’s finally decided that I’m not such a bad egg after all.

Either way, I’m seeing an improvement in Joey that I am very much liking at the moment.  He’s a lot calmer, and far more relaxed about things.

We’re seeing less of the bad attitude, and more habitual silliness now – like jogging when he’s fresh, spooking at the barrels for no good reason, or if he gets bored he’ll spook at nothing.  Plus, he’s a bit on the lazy side, so if you push him too hard he’ll buck and be jig around and be generally stupid.


I find that he really does need to be ridden at every moment your on his back, because if his mind is not engaged he’ll get into mischief and if you loose focus for one second, he looses his focus too!  I am discovering that this is the hard slog of riding a young horse; not that they are necessarily worse to ride then an older horse, but rather that they require that much more work under saddle.  You can’t ever switch off and leave it to the horse because they don’t understand that kind of partnership yet.  You must always be leading them – directing them and making the choices.

It’s exhausting mentally and physically, but it’s worth it when you realise that you’re making progress.  And we are! 


Currently we are working on forwards, (ie, legs, legs, legs), lowering his frame to bring him on the bit and prepare for the first stages of collection, and canter. 

I have cantered him a couple of times now and he’s been really good – no antics, just a nice medium canter, if a little unbalanced.  Joey really can be quite sensible at times which is nice!  Anyway, I must be off to ride my horse. 

See ya!



  1. Good for Joey! I'm so glad you're able to enjoy him and that he's currently going through a more willing phase :) And I absolutely know what you mean about riding 100% of the time, this is something I've discovered for the first time with Starbuck and has been a big mental challenge for me but very rewarding at the same time.

  2. Thanks! It's really quite something to use that much focus, and having to think about everything at once. Like you said, challenging but rewarding for sure! :)

    1. So glad to hear that you and Joey are working well together! :) Sounds like you guys have had some challenging times, so the good times are that much sweeter!

    2. So true, so true! I haven't been able to keep the grin off my face the last few times I've ridden him. He has been that good!! :D


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