Wednesday, January 18, 2012

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Sparrow and I had a really great lounge session this last Sunday.  It wasn’t very long, but it’s always nice when your horse is glad to see you and is happy to come up and say hello!

We didn’t do anything special this time {although I am planning to introduce him to the Pessoa system soon}, we just went into the round pen, which is on a slight slope, so it’s great to make the work out just that touch more difficult.  Spaz did a lot of cantering, he has a ton of excess energy at the moment and I am beginning to think that it’s probably not just ‘coz of all the grass seeds. 

He was on rather poor pasture at his last paddock – the place was very rocky and weedy with sparse grass, which generally means a lack of energy for young horses unless their grazing is being supplemented regularly.  Since he’s come to the new place two months ago, he has not only put on at least 50kgs or so, he’s also grown into his hammer head, so he doesn’t look half as gangly or dorky.  My riding instructor also think he’s had a growth spurt which may be well true but I sure hope it doesn’t continue to long.  ; P   It’s far enough from the ground from the height he’s at at the moment thankyouverymuch….

Anyway, he was a lot softer on the lounge then I have seen him before.  Not quite mouthing, or licking his lips, but definitely softer and more attentive.  Woot for progress!  : D

See ya!


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